martes, 20 de marzo de 2012


We arrived to a little pension. Across the street there was a beach of dirty sand and even dirtier water. The guy parked and got off, and I imitated him. Then, we entered the most decent building there. It looked abandoned and as dirty as the beach, but I didn't want to offend him so I kept my mouth shut. We took the stairs, since the elevator was out of service and I wouldn't ride it even if it weren't, to the third floor. The guy opened the door without using any sort of key or lock device. I thought of how unsafe that was but remained silent once again.

-Home sweet home-
-Nice flat... do you live alone?-
-I'm not supposed to tell that to a perfect stranger- he laughed and I couldn't help my smile.
-Well, technically we know each other from school...-
-I do. Live alone-
-My dad died. Car accident- he replied with the best poker face I had ever seen.
-What about your mum?-
-I guess travelling. Maybe somewhere near Africa. Her new husband likes it there- silence, -I haven't seen her in four years-
-I'm sorry- I rested my hand on his shoulder.
-I'm not, it's for the best. I couldn't stand living with her after my father died. She became shallow and more of a burden than a caregiver-
-But you still keep in touch right? You two are family after all-
-If receiving money every month to afford living counts... then yes-
I wasn't brave enough to keep talking about it.
-Water? or maybe a beer?-
-Water is fine-
He opened a minibar and handed me a bottle, while he took a can of beer.
-What about you?- he asked as if a conversation was taking place.
-What about me?-
-Parents? Siblings?-
-Well, my dad works for a construction company. He's an architect, and he spends most time travelling beacuse of his job. He's acually in Nebraska...- my heart stopped as I remembered the earthquake news. The guy took my hand. I continued. -My mum... she left when I was little. I don't remember her all too well. But I have a sister to experience those things with. Grace, she's my twin. You probably know her, I mean.. she's pretty popular at school-
-You're close, aren't you?-
-We are. I love her and I couldn't have done it this far without her. That's why I just don't get how you did it... how you still do it. Going through life on your own. Specially a messed up one-
-Oh thanks- he laughed.
-No, I'm sorry, I didn't mean.... All I'm saying is you can count  on me- words came out of my mouth like vomit, I couldn't think. He smiled that ear-to-ear-smile.
-Thanks. We have to get started with your car if you want to leave here anytime soon. Don't get me wrong, you're pretty good company but...- 
-Yeah, okay-
-By the way, I'm Diego-
-I know- how? why?
-Cool. You get started, I have to make some calls-
Diego left the room.

Saqué mi móvil del bolsillo y llamé a Sarah. Respondió rápidamente.
-Audrey? Está todo en órden?-. Mi mejor amiga era la que me llamaba a mí normalmente.
-Sí, todo va bien-
-Entonces… Grace me llamó para preguntar si estabas conmigo-
-Qué le dijiste?- mi hermana no se podía enterar de lo del coche.
-Le dije que sí, pero… en serio, dónde estás?-
-Tuve… una especie de accidente cuando conducía a tu casa, pero no te preocupes, no es nada serio. El auto tiene algunos rasguños, pero por suerte el chico que me chocó es mecánico y estoy en su departamento esperando que termine de reparar el coche. Tan pronto como termine voy a tu casa-
-Cómo que estás en su departamento?! Audrey, puede ser un psicópata!-
-Por favor! Ya tuve suficiente de ese asunto… además, lo conozco del instituto. Trabaja en la cafetería y está en nuestra clase-
-Oh por dios! Es el sexy?-. Me reí de ella. Sarah era obsesiva con cualquier chico que veía. Probablemente había notado a Diego en clase, ya que no era tan ciega como yo, que solo le prestaba atención cuando servía mi café.
-No lo se! Solo quiero que repare mi auto antes de que Grace se de cuenta, asi que por favor para. Me tengo que ir-
-Adios! Envíale un beso al mecánico sexy!-. Colgué antes de que pudiera decir otra palabra.
Podía ser realmente molesta cuando quería. Tenía que ir a vigilar a Diego mientras trabajaba en mi coche porque, siendo realista, recién nos conocíamos y aunque me infundía confianza, era mejor tomar precaución. Pero primero llamé a mi padre para asegurarme de que estaba bien.
-Audrey, querida- contestó sorprendido.
-Gracias a Dios que te encuentras bien!- mi alivio era increible.
-Por qué no habría de estarlo?-
-Bueno… escuché sobre el terremoto en Nebraska y… estaba preocupada-
-Sí, también escuché eso, pero Nebraska es un gran Estado y estoy en el otro lado del lugar donde ocurrió- su voz implicaba que se estaba burlando de mí.
-Me alegra que estés bien. Tengo que colgar-
-De acuerdo, adiós querida-
Entré en el elevador y me dirigí al estacionamiento. Nuestros coches eran lo único allí, y esto me hizo sentir soledad. No me gustaba. Busqué a Diego con la mirada, pero no estaba por ningún lado.
-Diego! Aquí estoy!- lo llamé.
-Audrey, debajo de tu auto- respondió.
En ese momento vi una patineta deslizarse desde debajo de mi coche. Diego estaba recostado sobre ella, boca arriba. Su sonrisa arrogante y juguetona estaba dibujada en el rostro. Sonreí tímidamente. Se levantó y caminó hacia mí. Su ajustada camiseta blanca estaba sucia del aceite negro del auto, al igual que sus brazos, manos y rostro. Lo hacía ver algo… sexy. Las palabras de Sarah sonaron en mi mente y mordí mi labio. Diego estaba… bien; más que bien.
-Arreglé las abolladuras de la parte de atrás y el caño de escape… creo que está listo-
-Seguro? En solo media hora?-. No había forma de que hubiera terminado tan rápido.
-Si no me crees, condúcelo-
Antes de poder contestar, saltó al asiento del conductor y tuve que sentarme en el del copiloto. Probamos el coche por unas pocas cuadras y volvimos a la pensión. El auto estaba perfecto. Funcionaba como antes, y se veía como si el accidente nunca hubiera ocurrido.
-Gracias. Me tengo que ir, le prometí a mi amiga Sarah que iría con ella cuando el coche estuviera pronto-
-Oh, estaba pensando… podríamos salir a tomar algo…-. La oferta me tentaba, pero tuve que decir no.
-Lo siento, la próxima vez… te veo mañana en el instituto-
Cogí mi bolso y las llaves y encendí el motor. Diego se despidió con la mano.

lunes, 27 de febrero de 2012


Grace and I were still not talking to each other since our disagreement last night, but honestly I had no time to dwel on it. I knew she would come around and that we would make things right with each other. We always did. What was actualy driving me crazy were those words drawn on our bedroom window... <<watch your back>>. It goes without saying I had whipped them out this moring, before drama-twin or anyone else saw them. I hadn't made up my mind yet on whether to tell her about it or just keep it to myself. It didn't seem fair at all having her involved in something I wasn't sure about... but at the same time it was too much of a burden to carry on my own.

-Audrey, I've had it! I can't take it any longer- she sighed- I'm sorry I didn't believed...-
-No problem- short and cool. I have to say, I was pretty proud of myself for restraining from hugging the hell out of my sister and staying put instead.
I could literally feel her eyes on me while I tore my croissant apart.
-I was up all night thinking about what you said about someone being in our room...-
-Stop it. It's okay, I just said it to mess with you. Sorry- Lie. Lie. Lie. 
-How could you?! Do you have any idea how scared I was?!-
-Sorry. Thought it would be fun- I was done with breakfast so I got up, -I will be at Sarah's... if anything happens just... just call-

Grace stared at me angry, but I could tell she was relieved to know no-one had broken into our home... at least that's what she thought. I knew better. After staring back at her for a few seconds I grabbed my bag and car keys. Once inside the car I started the engine and turned on the radio as usual, but I froze when the news report mentioned an earthquake. An earthquake in Nebraska. My dad was in Nebraska! Thoughts wandered out and about in my head for a split second, before I could put the pieces together. Once I did I rushed the break in the middle of the street. Eventhough I herd the horn, I couldn't react quick enough. The car beahind me collided against mine, pushing me forward. The airbag activated.
-Shit- I whispered and got out. I closed the door with rage and my hands turned into fists. 

-What the hell is wrong with you? Didn't you see me stop?!- my screams cutting the morning silence. What was I going to tell Grace? She was already mad at me. The guy got out of his car and walked towards me. I knew who he was. He worked at the school's coffee shop.
-Oh come on, chill! It's just a scratch...- my eyes like daggers seemed to intimidate him, -the car's still going, isn't it?- he smiled. A real ear-to-ear-smile, how could he? I was dead as soon as drama-twin found out.
-Jerk- I muttered.
-What? Nevermind, just bring it to my house in the afternoon-
-What are you? a mechanic?- I joked.
-Among other things-
-Okay well, thanks for the information but I only want my car fixed. Now-
-All right, so follow me home- I hesitated. I barely knew him and the only words I had exchanged with him before today were "I'll have my coffee with cream", -I promise I won't bite-
He was over-confident, which drove me crazy. And not in a good way. Having him repair the car right now seemed like the best choice, perhaps Grace would never find out. I sighed.
-You will perfectly fix my car, and then I'll go-
He nodded.
-For free- I pushed.
-No problem- 

We headed to our cars. The engine was still functioning, as well as everything else. Like he predicted it was just a scratch. One that my sister would notice. Maybe and just maybe, this wasn't such a big deal. I would get my car fixed and everything would be fine. Just like my dad. Just like the <<watch your back>> event. It would all turn out just fine.

martes, 21 de febrero de 2012


I could barely stand the tik-tok of my nightstand´s clock. Hidding like a kid under my sheets from head to toes and my heart pouncing, i was waiting for my sister to come back. We had been watching horror movies all night, since we were home alone for a few days and apparently had nothing better to do. We had been woken up by a sound coming from the kitchen, so Grace decided to go downstairs and check that everything was alright. She is by far the bravest twin. And the dramma queen twin as well. The ying to my yang... it's like we are not supposed to be sisters. 

And there I was... hidding, shaking and fake-sleeping. The horror movies had seriously made me paranoid. I heard a noise next to me. Did something fall from my desk? Did someone tripped and knocked it down? Mi pulse and breathing raced. Next thing I heard were footsteps on the carpet getting closer to the bed. To me. I tried to hold my breath, and closed my mouth shut before the scream I had been keeeping down my throath got out of my control. But whoever was in my room suddenly stopped by the window for a few seconds. Then, it left. My senses remained alert and I remained still until Grace returned.

-Audrey! God, I was freaking out down there!- 
-Tell me about it!- I was pretty sure the answer to my question would be no, but I asked anyways, -was someone downstairs?-
-Of course not! It was the window, we forgot to close it- 
Oh no, I could remember closing the window clearly. I felt the chickenpocks still on my skin. Grace laughed aloud making me jump.
-Come on sis, don't be such a pussy-
-Someone was here. He, she, or whatever you wanna call it was here. In this room.-
-You´re just paranoid because of the movies-
I took a deep breath and got up in search for whatever object had fallen from my desk. That would be my argument. My pencilcase was on the floor, pen and pencil too. I pointed to the evidence with my finger. Grace opened her eyes widely with fear, but then they turned suspicious.
-Okay, this isn't any fun. You stop it or I'll call dad. I'm already freaking out- her voice harsh.  

Without saying a word and with my poker face on, I went to bed and turned my back on her. She didn't believe me! Indignation took over fear, while she left the room. I couldn't sleep. My eyes made their way to the window and I blinked in shock. On the condensated water of the glass, something could be read: <<watch your back>>, followed by a drawn eye. I shuddered. What did that mean? 


Audrey continues to live with her identical twin sister Grace, her dad and best friend Sarah, after her mother departure. Family and friendship kept her hanging on, when something dangerous aproaches her life... Audrey has no clue about what she is in for, but she's pretty sure about something: her loved ones must stay out of it. 
Unexpectedly, fear comes along with something Audrey never believed in... love, and a promise, that makes everything else unimportant. Diego is willing to reunite her with joy and hope, she once thought lost forever.