martes, 21 de febrero de 2012


I could barely stand the tik-tok of my nightstand´s clock. Hidding like a kid under my sheets from head to toes and my heart pouncing, i was waiting for my sister to come back. We had been watching horror movies all night, since we were home alone for a few days and apparently had nothing better to do. We had been woken up by a sound coming from the kitchen, so Grace decided to go downstairs and check that everything was alright. She is by far the bravest twin. And the dramma queen twin as well. The ying to my yang... it's like we are not supposed to be sisters. 

And there I was... hidding, shaking and fake-sleeping. The horror movies had seriously made me paranoid. I heard a noise next to me. Did something fall from my desk? Did someone tripped and knocked it down? Mi pulse and breathing raced. Next thing I heard were footsteps on the carpet getting closer to the bed. To me. I tried to hold my breath, and closed my mouth shut before the scream I had been keeeping down my throath got out of my control. But whoever was in my room suddenly stopped by the window for a few seconds. Then, it left. My senses remained alert and I remained still until Grace returned.

-Audrey! God, I was freaking out down there!- 
-Tell me about it!- I was pretty sure the answer to my question would be no, but I asked anyways, -was someone downstairs?-
-Of course not! It was the window, we forgot to close it- 
Oh no, I could remember closing the window clearly. I felt the chickenpocks still on my skin. Grace laughed aloud making me jump.
-Come on sis, don't be such a pussy-
-Someone was here. He, she, or whatever you wanna call it was here. In this room.-
-You´re just paranoid because of the movies-
I took a deep breath and got up in search for whatever object had fallen from my desk. That would be my argument. My pencilcase was on the floor, pen and pencil too. I pointed to the evidence with my finger. Grace opened her eyes widely with fear, but then they turned suspicious.
-Okay, this isn't any fun. You stop it or I'll call dad. I'm already freaking out- her voice harsh.  

Without saying a word and with my poker face on, I went to bed and turned my back on her. She didn't believe me! Indignation took over fear, while she left the room. I couldn't sleep. My eyes made their way to the window and I blinked in shock. On the condensated water of the glass, something could be read: <<watch your back>>, followed by a drawn eye. I shuddered. What did that mean? 

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  1. Un gran comienzo;) Te felicito!!! Ya verás como todo mejorará y bienvenida por fin a Blogger:)
    Un beso <3

  2. me encannnnnto el capitulo*___*
    me engancchastes!
    espero el proximo:)